Friends and Partners

  • Waterproofing, repairing roofs, shingles, tinsmith's services!

    MK Izosistemi is a company whose business is building and repairing roofs - waterproofing, coatings and tinsmith work.

  • Transport, logistics and forwarding services.

    "ANBO Transport Speditor" Ltd is a company that deals exclusively with transport and forwarding activities associated with freight in the country and Evropa.Osnovnata goal of the company is carrying out international transport activities logistika.Kompaniyata a high quality transportation and logistics services, seeks to continuously expand the range of services.

  • American Seamless gutters and waterproofing!

    The main object of activity and specialization of "Stiv 09" Ltd are fabrication and installation of seamless gutters U.S. and drain systems and repair and construction of roofs and roofing.

  • Deliivanov Ltd - Trade with metal reinforcing bars

    Main activity of company "Deliivanov" Ltd is trading in ferrous metals, manufacture of parts from them and transport services.