• Резерват “Ropotamo”
  • Arkutino
  • Swamp Stamopulo
  • Sand dunes Pearl
  • Lion's Head
  • Water lilies
  • Sea wormwood
  • The ancient paths of birds Via Pontica
  • Fjords and Seal cave in Maslen nos

Primorsko - south black sea, Bulgaria


General information

Primorsko is a resort which is located in 52 km. south of Bourgas and 442 km. southeast of Sofia. It is situated between the bays and Stamopulo Devil. Primorsko is characterized by a unique combination of hilly and low mountainous relief. Nearby are situated the natural reserve Ropotamo - Arkutino Protected Areas, Water lilies, sea wormwood, swamp Stamopulo. The climate is temperate to subtropical - soft, dry with minimal rainfall in summer. The average summer temperature is 27 ° C, but often reaches 30 ° C-33 ° C.


The history of Primorsko dates from antiquity. Evidenced by the remains of ancient cities. On the hill Vulchanovo Kale was in one of the major coastal cities - Ranuli. He represented one of the largest castles, cities in Bulgaria. In 2003, the sanctuary is open-Ranuli Observatory. It is believed that it was invoked to 5 century AD BC Later Chenger settlement arises here, which subsequently renamed Kyupria. The ancient name of Primorsko was Vassiliko. Development of the region led to the law-declaring the village of Primorsko town to celebrate 1300 years of Bulgaria. Today the town's population numbered 7,000 inhabitants.


In Primorsko and the surrounding area you can see many attractions, natural and historic. The pride of the city is situated in close proximity reserve Ropotamo and protected areas such as swamps and Arkutino Stamopolu Pearl and sand dunes. Natural phenomena - fjords and Seal cave in Maslen Cape and unique rock formations are Lion's Head landmark. Interest is the ancient road of Via Pontica birds that pass through Primorsko.